Mp3Juice - Song lovers are certainly familiar with one of the MP3Juice apps or sites. Because everyone who wants to download or listen to songs online always has alternative media to be able to fulfill it.


Mp3Juice is a free MP3 song download site that has a name in the world, it contains millions of songs available on the database, you can download or stream online any songs as well as mp3 for free without any ads or survey on it, and you are not required to register to access the website, which means it's 100% free. Now we will discuss what Mp3 Juice is and how to download songs from it.

Before you try to download songs on a website, then you should pay attention to a few things that won't hurt you. Why is that? Because many sites provide URLs for Download Songs, but many menus direct you to click and instead redirect to other sites and that is just a waste of your time. For that, pay attention to the following:

How to Download Mp3 Songs from the Internet?

  • Use a trusted site

Make sure you enter the appropriate URL link, don't let you just click or type the link without knowing whether the site is safe or not to visit. Because the digital world offers a lot of things that are not necessarily reliable.

Even if you just type it there will be many kinds of sites displayed and from there will be lots of advertisements which could be spam. To be more secure, what is needed is to make sure you know the official sites or the ones you have visited frequently. As for if you have already clicked on it then be careful in following up, for example, if you are in doubt then you should immediately close.

Follow up on spam and also those related to advertisements, indeed this is where they take advantage of users who visit certain URLs. For the type most experienced by people, one of them is pulse spam, which can unconsciously charge your cellular card.

For that, make sure every time there is a notification then give a choice of yes or no so you should read it. If your cellphone settings are in English, then make sure you understand them well. But if you are in doubt then you should ignore it and choose no.

For certain types of cellphones, if there is some suspicious activity, a notification will appear on the cellphone screen not to continue or an order to close. This is especially good for those of you who are sensitive to all kinds of spam on your cell phone.

Make sure every time you use your cellphone for a certain period, do a scan or scan for viruses. You will also usually be given the option to just block existing notifications. Be careful because from this usually access permission to enter the virus is done. Some things related to hacking systems or those that start with viruses are indeed in unexpected ways and you have unconsciously clicked consent to access your cellphone.

  • Install a popup ad-block app if necessary

The option to install an AdBlock or ad blocker application is one that can be done. In this way, all kinds of advertisements will not appear on the mp3 juice you are visiting.

But keep in mind that certain types of websites do not allow visitors to turn off ads or in other words, you must first deactivate the blocking application. For that, things need to be considered, of course, always on the lookout if there are some things that you miss.

The way you do it as a form of caution in surfing the web in downloading music should be balanced with at least you know the various risks you will face later. For example, sometimes some sites cannot be followed up on how to avoid ad spam, so simply follow the steps.

Because some sites provide advertisements but not necessarily dangerous, advertisements as regular advertisements need to be skipped.

How to Download Songs from Mp3Juice?

Downloading song files on MP3 Juice is very easy if you pay close attention to a few steps. Here are some of these steps. First, what will be explained is how to download songs via the mp3 juice website:

First, you need to do is open Google access or open chrome. Every cellphone must have it because this one application is the default application for both iOS and Android.

The next step you have to do is to enter the page or link This is the official page that you can access. Keep in mind that you have to type it clearly and don't miss anything. Because if there is only one letter it will cause you to be unable to reach the site.

If indeed you typed it right but you also can't reach the site, it could be that your internet network is slow or disconnected. Try to check again and after that, you will get a solution.

  • Type the song title and click search

When you correctly type the site page in question, which is, a blue screen will appear and the name of the site will appear clearly. After that you point the cursor on the white column or box, this is if you are using a computer or laptop.

Meanwhile, if you use a cellphone, point it directly or press on the white box. If you see the cursor in the white box then you can type the title of the song you want to download. One thing you need to know is that this site is not only able to download western songs, but also all kinds of songs even local songs are here. You just typed it right.

After you type it correctly, a large selection of songs with that title will appear from various file sizes. Choose what you think is appropriate.

  • Select the download menu

If you have finished and are sure to choose the type of song file, the next step is you click download or download if the settings on your cellphone or laptop. Wait a few minutes then the song file will automatically download, even if your internet network connection is very stable and fast, less than a minute has also been downloaded.

  • Open and search for files

When it has been downloaded, a notification will appear that the file has been saved. You can click on it, but if it doesn't appear then you can look for it in the file manager menu of the download section.

How to Download Mp3 Music with MP3Juice Apps?

In addition to using this method, namely entering the official website, other things can be used more simple and this method makes it easier for you to quickly download songs at a certain time.

For example, if you forget the required URL in the search field on Google or Chrome, then this way you just click on it directly, using the application directly. Here are the steps:

  • Open Google play store

The first way that can be done is to open the Google play store. Why should it be in the play store? This is because all the applications in the Google play store are verified and safe to use on your cellphone. Thus you don't need to worry about downloading any files on the Google play store which is the default on your Android.

  • Type the application name (Mp3 Juice)

Type the name of the application mp3juice free songs download or the name of the application directly, it will be detected directly. Select the one with the blue icon with its trademark, then download and wait a few moments for the application to install. If the application is installed, it will appear on your mobile window tab.

  • Open the application and run a search (Type your songs keyword)

Try to find the application in question on the screen or window tab or if it is not there then you can look for it in the downloaded file or the newly-downloaded file. Another way that can be done is by typing in the file manager. Make sure you type it correctly so that it can be detected.

If it already exists then open the application and the next method is more or less the same as you using or entering on the application site on this one, which is enough to type the song title then wait until there are several views or choices of the song that has been typed and finally click download, wait a few moments then the song file is already on your cellphone.

You may be confused about which method you think is good. There is no way which is better or better if you think you are comfortable using the website or visiting the web directly without having to download the application first then just choose by using the site.

But if you think this is a waste of time, for example, you are worried that there will be a lot of spam popping up while you are surfing on Google and if one day you forget the name of the site then the safe way is to download the application and just leave it installed so that if you do. want to download the latest song simply by opening the application.

Choosing this method will make it easier for you with the advantages and disadvantages of each. But for those of you who don't want to be bothered and want to have the application, sometimes you are stuck in the section you can't open the application.

How to Prevent Failure while Downloading Mp3 Songs?

Here are some steps you can take for those of you who already have the application but you find it difficult to operate it, so make sure you have done some of these things:

  • Update the Apps to the latest/newest version

Not many people know that updating the application will facilitate the application's performance in system adjustments. There are still many who feel that updating an application will only consume quota. Even though by updating it, the application will automatically update and still be able to operate because all kinds of menus and displays are adjusted to the new one.

As for the old ones, they are usually out of date and that is what causes the application to no longer be used or there is usually a notification so that you update it on the Google play store. Just follow the steps, wait a few moments until it is completely downloaded and when it's finished, there will be an open or open menu. Select the menu, so you can proceed to the other steps to download the song.

  • Clear Cache regularly

Any type of cellphone or smartphone will certainly record traces of activity during use. For example, if you have just opened the chrome file, it will record a history of whatever searches you have done.

Some of these things will be recorded on the cellphone system and will become junk files or what can also be called cache. The cache will build up more and more over time if you frequently use your phone. The more you use it the fuller the cache size will be.

This will endanger the cellphone system, for example, the cellphone is getting slower, has errors, and cannot even open some applications. To fix this, you can enter the settings menu, then select storage, and select clear cache. That's how it clears the entire cache. For another way to delete cache specifically, you can go to settings -> application settings -> select the type of application to delete the cache. If so, select the clear cache menu.

  • Make sure the application is official

To ensure that the application you are using is official, the method is very easy, namely, you should download it via the Google play store. Because all existing and installed applications from the play store can be ascertained that they have clear licenses and are not fake applications. In addition, make sure you have typed it correctly. Don't let you download the wrong application, because there are many different types of similar applications, if you don't read them carefully, you may download the wrong application. If the application is wrong then all types of menus are certainly different.

The sophistication of the world of technology has penetrated the world of gadgets that have more and more functions. One of them is the use of cellphones which nowadays almost everyone has. If in the era of about ten years ago the function of cellphones was only able to connect phones between people, starting to spread to text messages or SMS, now the benefits presented are increasingly sophisticated, for example, for taking pictures and also listening to music.

Talking about music has become one of the needs of many people, especially for those who have cell phones. Because with music, all activities are not boring. No wonder so many people are looking for many sites to download the latest songs on the internet. However, sometimes websites tend not to provide an easy alternative. Several mp3 download sites require their users to click on ad spam, which can be dangerous. For that, you have to be careful when clicking on spam because it might endanger your cellphone.

It's all about MP3 Juice, read it, then you can get lots of useful information which you can use to download songs. Make sure that some of this information is well digested and isn't missing anything. Because the Internet is growing so fast globally and if one of your examples is missed or outdated, then it hurts.

Don't forget to ask your friend to knows more in case you're still hesitant about doing so. There is nothing that cannot be done until you are ready to learn and discover many things, including learning how to download songs in all applications, including mp3juices for sure.

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